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Visit by Mayor of Beira City Council 

We were privileged to host the Mayor of Beira City Council, His Excellency Snr Albino Carige, who visited the Technical Institute property for the first time when our Executive Director, Dr Terry King, visited Mozambique in July/August 2023. The Beira City Council has supported the development of the Technical Institute by initially allocating 120 acres of land to develop our tertiary and vocational projects. This was the first time the Mayor had seen the project’s progress for himself. 

The mayor spoke with trainees from the construction teams on site and the agricultural students as they worked on their vegetable plots. He expressed his support for the project, which we also captured for the documentary video, Knowing Changes Everything.

Grant received

At the end of 2022, we received a grant from the Australian High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa, to improve the water supply and sanitation on the Technical Institute property. 

With the grant funds, we could construct an outdoor undercover kitchen and eating area for trainees and staff, provide washing facilities for trainees and connect the Beira city’s town water supply. This new facility has provided our Institute trainees with cleaner water for washing and cooking.

Mozambican leadership

At the end of 2022 Alford Ncube, formerly the Principal of the King of Kings School, was appointed as our first National Director. Alford has risen to this enormous challenge and has initiated a number of strategic administrative changes in response to the challenges that we face in Mozambique.

Property developments

Over the past few months, the construction team, assisted by trainees from the Construction course at the Technical Institute, has been working to complete buildings on the Technical Institute property at Mungassa.

Our People & Their Stories

Ivone Can Now Read & Sell Vegetables

My name is Ivone. The Literacy for Life Project came when I needed it so much.  From a very early age, I did not have an opportunity to attend school. Today, thanks to the Literacy for Life Project, I am in my 3rd year of study, and I say with great pride that I realise my dreams of knowing how to read and write, and I can now create better vegetable gardens to feed our families.

Rita Always Wanted To Be A Teacher

My name is Rita. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I lived in a fog of hopelessness and despair. And then a glimmer of light appeared. I was given the opportunity to attend a course to train as a Pre-school assistant. I was overjoyed. I now work at King of Kings School where I once was a student.

Emilio: I have hope for my future

This is Emilio, one of the trainees in the Construction course at our Technical Institute. He was sharing with us the despair and hopelessness that engulfed his family before he started at the Technical Institute. Neither of his parents could attend school because their childhoods were impacted by 15 years of civil war.

Rosa’s Family No Longer Buys Greens or Lettuce

My name is Rosa. I am from Beira and live with my parents. It was always my dream to be trained in agriculture. In 2019, my cousin, who studies at the Mission Educate Technical Institute, talked to me about the courses on offer. I had planned to go to an Agriculture Institute in another province, but I decided it was better to embrace Mission Educate.

Fernando: My Life Has Completely Changed

Since I joined the Mission Educate Institute in 2018 as a construction course trainee, my spiritual and emotional life has completely changed. Today I know how to do a lot of things. I haven’t finished the Course yet but I am already known in the local job market with what I’ve learned through Mission Educate.

Maria: Literacy Improved My Self-Esteem

My name is Maria. I was born in the rural district of Buzi but now live in Munhava, the poorest neighbourhood in Beira. I never went to school because my father did not allow girls to study. I had to stay home and take care of the housework. Since I joined the Literacy for Life class a lot of things have improved, especially my self-esteem.

Mussa’s Story: One Step Closer To His Dream!

Mussa dreams that one day he may become a builder and support his family. He learned to read and write in the Literacy for Life Project to achieve his dream.

Zarta’s Scolarship Story

Zarta’s father passed away when she was young so her mother brought the family to Beira to be with other family. She is now on scholarship at King of King’s School.

Rosangela Was Going To Drop Out But The Principal Intervened

In Year 11, Rosangela decided to drop out of school as her mum could not afford to send her to school. She is now a student at the King of King’s School.

How You Can Help!

Your support impacts the lives of real people and their families by providing education opportunities.

We know that education is a catalyst that enables people to break free from the poverty cycle.

Your regular giving or once-only donation can help open a classroom door so children can attend school, provide vocational training and employment skills to unemployed young adults or enable illiterate adults to learn to read and write through our education projects in Mozambique.

You can bring hope where there has been despair for generations because knowing changes everything.