Around 80% of the people of Mozambique live in poverty. Mission Educate is on a mission to change this statistic through education. Changing the number means changing lives, families, communities, cities, regions, and nations. Through education, they can change their lives.

Meet Alford, the National Director of Mission Educate, Mozambique (00:30), and see the King of Kings School in Beira, Mozambique (01:10).

Hear year 12 science student Eliseu (01:40) talk about the school, his family situation, why he enrolled with King of Kings School and how studying here differs from anything else he has experienced. Find out his dreams for his future and how King of Kings School is already helping him achieve his dreams.

Graça, the Primary Deputy of King of Kings School in Beira, Mozambique (03:38), shares about why getting an education is particularly hard for Mozambican women and girls.

Maria (22) shares her story of how she lives with her mother and five brothers (04:03) since her father left them. She dreams of working in the fields, so she studies Agriculture and business with the Mission Educate Technical Institute.

The Mayor of Beira Municipality, Albano Carige, has a special message for all involved in bringing the technical centre and education to Beira and Mozambique (05:57).

Learn about the Literacy for Life Project (07:15) and hear from one of the 500 students in this Bible Society Australia Sponsored project.

Mission Educate supports community transformation in Mozambique by creating inclusive, sustainable, relevant initiatives that develop people with integrity who are educationally competent, spiritually alive and socially responsible.

The stories in this video and the success of our education initiatives directly result from contributions from people like you.

Through education, they can change their lives.

Together, we can bring education and hope to the Mozambican people, who so desperately deserve it.


This Short Film was directed, filmed and edited by cinematographer Jake Lawlor of Blackslate, a Brisbane & Gold Coast based. Full-Service Video Production Company.