Our Vision

People of integrity and compassion, educated and technically competent, aware of an eternal destiny and transforming their communities and nations.

Our Mission

To support community transformation in developing nations by creating inclusive, sustainable, relevant initiatives that develop people with integrity who are educationally competent, spiritually alive and socially responsible.

Our Values

Truth - demonstrated through Integrity, Knowledge and Wisdom

Love - demonstrated through Servanthood, Compassion and Partnerships

Faith - demonstrated through Trust, Grace and our Christian Beliefs

Excellence - demonstrated through Accountability, Empowerment and Purpose

Transformation - demonstrated through Innovation, Leadership and Reflective Practice

Our Beliefs

Mission Educate is a Christian organisation serving a global community. Our Christian beliefs determine our Christian ethos and the values that are important to personal behaviour, organisational culture and outcomes. We endeavour to maintain unity with Christian believers who share the following beliefs as fundamental to their faith.

We believe:

  1. That the Bible is the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God and is necessary for an understanding of the nature of God and His Creation, the development of faith, moral and ethical behaviour of individuals and organisations and the comfort and encouragement of Humanity.

  2. That there is one God, existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit who can be known personally in a relationship through His Son Jesus Christ.

  3. That the universe is the result of the intelligent design and creation by an omnipotent, omniscient and ever-present God.

  4. In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His Virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His shed blood for the remission of sins, in His resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father and in His personal return in power and glory.

  5. That each person is unique, the result of the individual creation of a loving God, deserving respect, created with the ability to learn, create, reason, value and discriminate and that these processes distinguish Humanity from the rest of creation.

  6. That a personal relationship with God is only found in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ by any individual who has acknowledged their need of a Saviour, repented and accepted His forgiveness.

  7. The family is ordained by God as the primary agency of socialisation and education and is the basis on which society functions.

  8. Education is the right of every individual regardless of gender, nationality, age, religion or socio-economic status and is a personal process of life-long learning, in which schooling and educational institutions play an important role.

  9. Each individual is created with a God consciousness, a self consciousness and a world consciousness and that quality education engages and develops all of these areas.

  10. Quality education involves the spiritual, ethical, social, intellectual, vocational and physical development of an individual and occurs within community for the benefit of both the individual and the many communities in which the individual interacts.

  11. In the reality of the Holy Spirit and His work in the lives of Believers.

  12. That the Church is made up of those who have been born of the Spirit and confess Jesus Christ as Lord.

  13. That Jesus Christ will return to earth as Lord at the end of time. This will have implications for those who believe or do not believe in Him.

How can you help?

Because of your support I can go to school

Knowing changes everything

Your support affects the lives of real children and their families. They are so grateful to learn that there are people in other countries who have an interest in their welfare.

Mozambique continues to face significant challenges with over 1 million children unable to access education and almost half of the population unable to read. With your help, Mission Educate continues to face these challenges, one life at a time.

We value the regular support of donors who contribute to the day to day running costs of the school. There are 3 sponsorship opportunities available supporting students, senior students and teachers.

Open Door

$25 per month

  • Sponsoring educational costs for students
  • Prep to Year 12
  • King of King's School

Senior Student (3 Years)

$350 per year

  • Individual senior student
  • Years 10-12
  • 3 Year Commitment


$250 per month

  • Supporting an individual teacher's salary
  • Providing teaching resources
  • King of King's School

Build-A-School Project

4 classrooms and toilet block


Library and Textbooks

Purchasing new library book and text books for the teachers and students to use in class.

Volunteer for an event

You can help support our fundraising activities by volunteering your time and expertise at the following events.

  • Mozi Run
  • Aspire Dinner
  • Charity Golf Day

Be part of a team to visit Mozambique

Limited vacancies are available to people interested in visiting the King of King's School in Mozambique.

For further information contact us below.

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